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Kissel / Kisiel

This is a very popular dessert  in Poland, I am surprised it isn`t in other countries.

Sadly, nowadays most people know instant version of it, but I`ll show you how to prepare natural fruit kisiel.

To do so, you just need:
·       strawberries - 400 grams  (You can also use  wild strawberries, raspberries, goosberries, redcurrants,
      blackcurrants or mix the ones you like)
·       cold water - 1 and 1/3 glass/mug
·       sugar –  5-6 table spoons
·       potato starch – 2 table spoons

Wash the fruit, place them into the sauce pan and pour 1 glass of water there.

Boil it and cook approx. 5 minutes. Then pour the liquid into another bowl, but don`t throw fruit away! Measure a glass of strawberry liquid and pour it into the sauce pan.  Strain the fruit through a sieve and add to the liquid. Then sugar the mixture, stir it and try if it is sweet enough. If it`s not, add more sugar. Then heat it until it boils. Meanwhile, mix 1/3 cup of water with 2 tablespoons potato starch and when water with strawberries starts boiling, pour this mixture slowly, stirring constantly.
Boil it for 2 minutes (don`t stop stirring) and then pour it to chilled glass bowls. Kisiel should be served cold, alone or with whipped cream.
I usually can`t wait till this moment and I eat it when it is still warm without any extras.
This is a recipe for two people.


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