piątek, 30 grudnia 2016

Kwas - Regional Christmas soup

The original soup, served in the hometown of my grandfather's as first Christmas Eve dish (traditionally, in Poland we eat festive dinner consists of 12 dishes).

You need:
40 dag pork ribs with bones 
200-300 grams dried porcini
700 grams of sauerkraut or two glasses liquid from sauerkraut
3-4 carrots 

1 onion 
2 parsleys  
A piece of celeriac 
1-1.5 cups of barley groats
Tablespoon of mix of dried vegetables: carrot, parsley, onion (optionally) 
2 tablespoons soy sauce 
3 bay leaves 
4 allspices

Rinse mushrooms and soak in cold water a few hours before preparing dish (enough water to cover porcinis). Then cook porcinis with this water until tender (it depends on the species and size of porcini- about 40-70 minutes). Rinse ribs, pour cold water to cover them. Cook it to boil. If you have liquid from sauerkraut – boil it, and Take of from heat. If You don`t have liquid -  pour sauerkraut with 2 and 1/2 glasses of  water and cook it for about an hour, until sauerkraut is tender. When the water with ribs is boiling, throw the whole parsley, 1 carrot, and onion, bayleaves, allspices, and pour the soy souce. Cook about 30 minutes. After this time, throw the remaining carrots cut into half-slices and dried greens and cook for 15 minutes. Then, broth and pour the barley groats and cook together for about 15 minutes. After that, pour the water from porcinis and porcinis cuted into small pieces. Pour sauerkraut liquid - first about a cup and possibly add more, I gave about 1,5 cups, but it depends on the level of its sauer and individual tastes😏 I like well sauer. Cook All ingrediends  for another 5 minutes, add a bit of salt i fit`s necesserry. 

Kwas taste the best eaten the day  after cooking, after being thoroughly well re-heated. . Before serving, we can remove the parsley and meat. You can also make a light roux and add it to soup. 
Serve hot, solo or with bread. 

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