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Layered herring salad with beets

Looks interesting, taste fantastic馃槒 I have recipe from my friend, I heard, that this sallad is very popular in some areas of Poland as a Christmas dish, but I`ve never try it before.

You need:
400 grams of herring fillets marinated or packed in oil
5 medium beets
6 medium potatoes
5 polish pickled cucumbers
6 eggs
1 red onion
The sauce: 8 tablespoons mayonnaise, 7 tbsp thick yoghurt or cream, salt and pepper to taste

Cook beets until tender in water or bake in aluminum foil (you can also use beets from a jar). Boil the potatoes in salted water or steamem them, cook eggs. After colling, peel the beets, potatoes and eggs. Separate whites from the yolks. Whites cut into cubes, egg yolks grate finelly on medium holes of grater . Beets grate on the large holes of grater, cut potato into cubes. Cucumbers and onions cut into small cubes. Mix the sauce ingredients (you can increase their number).
Arrange layers into transparent dish:
Potatoes - onion-1/3 of sauce- herring - beets – layer of sauce -cucumbers – egg`s whites - a layer of sauce - egg yolks. You can also sprinkle the top with chives. This salad tastes best after cooling. 

Bon Appetit.

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