niedziela, 1 stycznia 2017

Pearl barley with prunes and fresh apple

Usually served as one of  the Christmas dishes, but I recommend to prepare it  not only for the holidays. For example, its` a great idea for healthy lunchbox 😊

You need:
2 cups pearl barley (cup= 250ml)
600g pitted prunes
1 large apple
A pinch of salt, sugar, vanilla sugar

Rinse prunes with boiling water, pour the water to cover the prunes and cook them about 15- 20 minutes, until tender. Cook barley groats in salted water (cooked 2 cups of groats in 7 cups of water) according to the time stated on the package. Add prunes with water to pearl groats, add sugar and vanilla sugar (according to You taste, I added 2 tablespoons of vanilla sugar and 5 tbsps sugar), peeled and diced Apple and cook together for about 10 minutes. This dish taste best the day after cooking- You can eat it cool or warm, but  I definitelly prefer it after re-heating.

Enjoy Your meal!

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