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Warsaw cokies with walnut custard cream

My favorite childhood cookies. They resemble small cakes and they disappear as quick as a wink. They are quite popular, but usually they are layered some other fellings. The preparation is quite time consuming, especially as we have to ground walnuts ourselves, but I think this cookies are worthwhile 😊

You need:

- 3 glasses of wheat flour (Glass =250  ml)
- 250 g butter
- 3 egg yolks
- 1/2 glass sour cream
- Pinch of salt

- 3 egg whites
- 250 g powdered sugar

Walnut custard cream:
- 1,5 glasses of milk for custard
- 1-2 glasses milk to soak nuts
- 4 tablespoon potato starch
- 6 tablespoons sugar
- 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
- 150 grams room temperature butter
- About 400 grams of ground walnuts

Make custard:
Boil 1 glass of milk with the sugar and vanilla sugar. Stirring constantly, add 0,5 glass of cold milk mixed with potato starch, boil it together for a while. Remove from the heat, stir briefly until it stops evaporate, cover  it and set it aside to cool.
Translate a half of the ground walnuts into a bowl. Boil remaining milk and pour the walnuts to the level of their height. Set them aside to cool.
After cooling finish the cream: Slice the room temperature butter into cubes and put the cubes in a large mixing bowl. Beat it with a mixer until it is soft. Gradually add custard, mixing constantly on low speed of mixer. At the end, add the walnuts in milk and mix it together for a while.

Make cookies:
Knead the dough from all ingredients and rool it with a tickness of about 0.5 cm. Cut the dough into circles using juice glass as a knife. Arrange cookies on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
Make icing:

In a medium bowl, stir egg whites into sugar. Brush cookies using a cooking brush.
Put cookies into the oven preheated to about 180 degrees of Celsjus (up + down heating) and bake about 15 minutes until the icing become slightly golden.

Assembling the cookies:
Let cookies cool completely. Spread the walnuts custard cream between two cookies and sandwich together. Coat the walnuts custard cream also on the sides of the cookies ( as You do with cake) and dredge each sides with remaining grounted walnuts. Store cookies In the refrigerator.

Bon Appetit!

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