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Old-fashioned open sandwiches “kanapki”

I think a blog with recipes for polish dishes can`t miss sandwiches;) It is said, that they are one of the most popular polish appetizers, they are basic ingredient in our everyday diet. You must be taken aback of polish sandwiches, because they are open, and the filling is on the top, not between slices of bread. These are sandwiches by the idea of ​​my grandmother. This recipe date back to comunism period of our history, and including typically polish ingredients. These sandwiches always quickly disappear from the table, they are perfect for a private retro –style party.

You need:

Half sliced, fresh, white bread
Two hard-boiled eggs
3-4 polish – style  pickled cucumbers
2 tomatoes
250 grams of Quark ( polish: twaróg,ser biały - You can buy it in polish shops)
A few tablespoons thick yogurt or sour cream
2 -3 sausages
20 grams of good, lunch meats
20 dag cheese (f.e. gouda)
half of an onion
Salt, pepper, hot pepper powder


Place the quark, yogurt or sour cream, a tablespoon of paprika, salt and pepper in a bowl. Add the onion grated  on the small mesh (like for parmesan) of grater, mix everything with a fork until smooth. Peeled tomatoes, pickles and sausage cut into slices. Grate eggs on a small mesh of grater. Depending on the size of the slices of cheese and lunch meats we can cut them to fit the sandwiches.
Smear each sandwich with quark sauce, then put on each of them remaining ingredients and sprinkle with eggs. For these components came two plates of sandwiches. It is also good to add fresh radish slices, but unfortunately It`s out of season and I didn`t find  it in my shop.

Enjoy Your meal!

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