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Cabbage Rolls with sausages, vegetables and barley groats

Another version of cabbage rolls, called „ Little pigeons”. This time is my own idea for stuffing, and I must say immodestly that it is very tasty;) You can find more about „Little pigeons” here: http://www.frompolishkitchen.eu/2017/01/cabbage-rolls-little-pigeons-stuffed.html

You need:
1 small cabbage head
3-4 sausages
½ red bell pepper
½ yellow bell pepper
1 small zucchini
2 onions
1 tin dices tomatoes in tomato juice
2 bags barley groats (200 gram)
Soy sauce, tomato paste, oil
Bay leaves, allspices, salt, pepper, hot and sweet pepper

Wash vegetables. Cut onions, zucchini and peppers into cubes. In the pan heat up 2 tablespoons of oil, throw 1 onion and fry until light golden. Add peppers and zucchini, salt and fry together for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally. Set it aside. Cook groats, about 3 minutes shorter than according the information on the package. Meantime, core the cabbage, tear off the cabbage leaves from the top, rinse cabbage head. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Place cabbage head into water, and cook for a while (about 3 minutes), until cabbage leaves are slightly softened enough to remove from head. Then, still cooking water on light gas, remove big leaves from the cabbage head using a fork. Leave the liquid! Cut out any thick tough center ribs, making “Pigeons” easily to stuffed.We will need 15-16 leaves.
Drain the barley groats when is ready and set aside groats and cabagge leaves to cool.

Meanwhile You can prepare sauce: in the saucepan, heat up a tablespoon of oil, fry the onion for a while, add tomatoes, bay leafs, 4 allspices, a tablespoon of soy sauce and two tablespoons of water. Boil all ingredients for about 10 minutes. After cooling, remove the leaves and allspices, season sauce with pepper and powdered paprika and blend it to smooth.

Cut sausages into cubes, mix with fried vegetables and groats, season with pepper powder, pepper and a salt. Put a portion of the stuffing on each leaves and roll cabbage around stuffing.
Arrange cabbage rolls one at another in a greased ovenproof dish. Pour 1 and 1/2 glass of remaining liguid, cover it with 2-3 remaining leaves and lid. Put it into the cold oven, set the 180 degrees of Celsius (top+down heating). Bake cabbage rolls for about 1,5 hour, until they are browned and the filling is not raw (baking time depends on the size of rolls, and the power of the oven, everyone needs to feel it individually).  Serve with hot tomato sauce.

Enjoy Your meal!

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