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Grain coffe wafers

Grain coffe was very of ten drinked in my home when I was a child.  I`ve also prepared this kind of wafers long time ago, but i don`t have recipe any more. So I decided to modified the recipe for cocoa wafers found here: http://pyzaisurowka.blogspot.com/2015/11/food-food-food-food-food-food.html  an I must say, that they taste very simillar.

You need:1 pack of  square – shaped empty wafers ( like this: http://www.bastek-bis.pl/template/images/produkty/wafel1.jpg )
300 g butter
4 tablespoons instant grain coffe
½ cup milk
½ cup of icing sugar
1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar

Preparation:Put milk, butter and sugars into saucepan, heat on a small gas to melt butter, stirring constantly. Then add grain coffee, and cook on very low heat for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly until the mass is slightly thickened. Set it aside (the mass at this moment is liquid, but  it gets thicker and thicker, and after cooling in the refrigerator it is completely stiff). Grease wafers with slightly cooled, liquid mass on the side with a finer grate, layer by layer.  Covere sandwitched  wafers with aluminum foil and put on them something heavy (f.e. thick book) for 30 minutes. Then  cut the wafer into small pieces and store in a refrigerator in closet plastic box.

Enjoy Your meal!

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