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Blood sausage casserole

Kaszanka or kiszka is a traditional blood sausage, very popular in polish couisine. Kaszanka is usually served grilled or fried with onion, potatoes and sauerkraut, but today I decided to prepare it in a different way – making a casserole.

You need:
5 small beets
7 small potatoes
3 little kaszankas (blood sausages)
Salt, black pepper, sweet and hot pepper, garlic, marjoram, caraway

Preparation:Wash and peel potatoes and beets. Cut them into thin slices (about 3mm). Put them into separate bowls. Mix the beets with a tablespoon of oil, and potatoes with a tablespoon of oil and spices. Peel kaszanka and cut into thick slices.
 Grease the baking pan with a oil and make the layers: First, arrange ½ of the potato  and beet slices, edges overlapping. Then make second layer putting kaszanka slices, and third layer the same as first. You can also lay beets and potatoes arraund baking pan. Cover baking pan with a lid or foil, put in a cold oven, set to 180 degrees of Celsjus (top+down heating) and bake about 40-50 minutes (until the potatoes and beets are tender), then remove the cover and bake casserole for a while with hot air, untill the top of the casserole is golden browned. Serve immediately or after re-heating. It tastes good f.e.with salad from cucumbers, yoghurt and chive, called “mizeria”.

Enjoy Your meal!

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