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Knedle - potato dumplings stuffed with apricots

Knedle cames from Germany, but since many, many years they are very common dish in Poland. Usually, they are stuffed with plums, but this time I prepared them with apricots.

You need:

1 kg of potatoes ( weight after peeling)
1 and 3/4 cup of wheat flour
2/3 cup potato starch
3 eggs
15-20 apricots
Salt, vanilla sugar,

To serve:
Cream, powdered sugar, whipped cream, butter with bread crumbs - choice what You like


Peel the potatoes, wash them and boil until tender in salted water. Mash them finely by potato masher, set them aside to cool. Wash the apricots, dry them using a paper towel.
Add eggs ,flour and potato starch to potatoes, make a smooth dough. If it is too sticky, add more wheat flour (I added probably 2/3 cup, but it depends mainly on what kind of potatoes we use - add the flour gradually so that the cake does not turn out too hard).
Cut the apricots in half to remove seeds, but don`t separate them into two pieces. Form the dough into a thick roll. Gradually cut medium sized pieces, flatten them on the palm, put apricot in the center and surround it with dough and form balls - the dough layer around the fruit should not be too thick.

In large, wide pot boil water with a pinch of salt and table spoon of vanilla sugar. Reduce the gas so that it only gently scratches (water can not boil too hard because the dumplings are disintegrating). Cook the dumplings until they come to the top (which takes about 20 minutes), and then another 4-6 minutes. After few minutes of boiling stir the water once, to remove knedle from the bottom of the pot. Try if they are tender using a fork. Remove the dumplings with a slotted spoon, serve immediately with favorite additives. Dumplings became hard after cooling, but You can heat them up by throwing them back into the boiling water and boiling them for a while, or You could fry them on butter. You can also freeze unusual part of them. From given ingredients I prepared 14 potato dumplings, they were very large, because the apricots were large too.

Bon apetit!

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