czwartek, 28 grudnia 2017

Christame Eve`s sauerkraut with dried peas

The traditional meal , served 24th December on Christmas Eve dinner. Usually it is served as a one-pot meal, but today I show You the way my grandmother do it. I think, that  this is my favourite Christmas dish.

You need:
1 kg sauerkraut (with the liquid)
1/2 kg dried yellow peas (halves with removed skins)
2 onions ( finely chopped)
1 bay leaf, 3 allspices, salt
Butter to fry

Pour the boiling water over the peas in the pot and leave it for 15-30 minutes. Then spill the water out and pour that amount of water to cover the top of the peas. Salt it, add a teaspoon of butter boil it for above 40 minutes – until the peas will be little overcooked (watch it carefully and stir so that peas don`t  burn ).
Place the sauerkraut with the liquid in the pot, add bay leaves and allspices, pour 1-2 glasses of water and cook it until tender.
Place butteron frying pan, warm to medium heat and brown chopped onion.
When sauerkraut and peas are ready, pile them at the oblong dish and place onion between them. Serve it hot.

 Enjoy Your meal!

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