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Steamed dollops (Kluski na parze or pampuchy)

I guess they are not very popular in the region I came from (South-East Poland), because I ate them for the first time during my studies. My husband mentioned that his grandmother used to prepared them, so I try prepare them to, to make him happy. Now I like it very much, so I make "pampuchy" very often.

You need:
1 kg wheat flour,
50 g fresh yeast,
1/2 liter of milk,
3 eggs,
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons sugar
Teaspoon vanilla sugar
Pinch of salt
Good plum jam or good quality preserves (withaut gelatine or pectin)

Heat the milk in a big pot, add sugar, tablespoon of flour and vanilla sugar. Stir with yeast and leave for 5-10 minutes until it foams. Add eggs, flour (add the flour gradually, dough shouldn't be to tough) salt and oil. Form dough untill is non-sticky (it takes about 7 minutes). Cover it with a cloth and leave in a warm place until it doubles its size - it takes about 30 min. Then roll out the dough (it should be about 4 cm thick). Cut dollops using a glass as a knife, flatten each dollop on Your hand, put a teaspoon of preserves in the centre and carefully fold each dollop in half. Pinch the ends together and form ballsLeave the dollops for 20 minutes and then steam them under a big lid by 10-15 minutes.

Eat warm dollops (cooled dollops are tough), with cream and sugar, vanilla sauce or with more preserves. You can also prepare dollops withaut filling, and serve them f.e. with blended strawberries with sugar. This is a recipe for a few people. You can always freeze unused ones for later (freeze steamed dollops and steam again 15 minutes befor eating) or store them in the refrigerator and steam next day again.

Enjoy Your meal!

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