About me

Hello, my name is Anna
I`m 28years old and I live in Poland, I'm not a professional cook. Cooking and baking became my passion some time ago. Now I've decided to start my Polish Cuisine – blog also in English version, because I want to have a possibility to practice my English along with letting you all to meet  and to enjoy my traditional Polish meals, so well known in every Polish family. I'd also like to share with you regional recipes, old-fashioned dishes which are already forgotten. I'd tell you how to prepare the courses, where they come from or from where or from who I know the recipe.
To prepare some dishes you will need some unique Polish ingredients. But don't worry. I know they can be bought in Polish Shops which can be found in every big city all over the world. In the future I will show you how to replace many of them with home-made ones.

Enjoy your meal!